Sunday, June 3, 2012

Perfect Tie Dye Shirt DIY

SO Im obsessed with tie dye! I have a whole drawer full of shirts I dyed and about 4 dresses Ive tie dyed as well. I wear most of my shirts to bed or to the gym because they are so comfortable. Well I decided to tie dye a shirt and then cut it to make razerback tank! I loved how my finished shirt turned out.

So here is how I made it. Basically your going to have to tie dye your shirt first (or use a bought tie dye ,but wheres the fun in that). I suggest buying a tie dye kit at Michaels (with a 40 % coupon) these kits are good because they come with everything basic you need. However, some come with soda ash and some don't. If you get one try to find some soda ash. It helps with the dying process. Anyways I like to add different color and mix my own colors so I usually stop by sallie's beauty salon and get some hair coloring bottles (for dying) I wish I would have taken pictures of this process, but its pretty messy and having a phone/camera around wouldnt  have been the best idea. To be honest I wasnt planning on creating a combining DIY, but it just turned out so good I had to share! So here is a pic of my kit I have and I put all my supplies in a plastic container.
-Tie dye Kit (contains dye, rubber bands, gloves, squirt bottles)
-White Shirt (or light colored shirt)
-Soda ash
- Other variety of colored dye ( may need salt for these)
-Set up outside!!! Please note tie dying is extremely messy dont attempt to carefully do it in your house. It will most likely end in a disaster.
- If using soda ash, soak your t-shirts in soda ash and cold water for 30 mins. Following the directions on how much to put in your water. I usually use a plastic tub for soaking.
- Some kits have folding and design tutorials, but if not here is a link dharmatrading actually explains and gives helpful hints for dying. Also here is just some nice pictures of  folding ideas. Be creative and just experiment.
- Fill up all your bottles with water in your kit or follow necessary instructions on preparing your dye of choice.
- Fold your shirts and place rubber bands on shirts to make your design.
- Apply dye to your shirt make sure to apply the dye to the back side of the shirt. If you want a lot of color and less white be generous with the dye!!
-I double plastic bag wrap my dye soaked shirts and let sit for 24 hours.
- After 24 hours minimum rinse your shirts outside with cold water. (some say to let sit in the sun, I don't)
- Then after shirts are good and rinsed, machine wash tie dye in cold water. I would suggest to wash all tie dye shirts together without any other clothes. This will just ensure your shirt will not bleed into other nice clothes or towels that your have.
- You can either use a dryer or hang dry shirts.
Next step is to cut your shirt. I followed this from lovemaegan for cutting my shirt except I didnt cut as much on the bottom. Instead of using ribbon I used the left over shirt from cutting and tied 3 pieces in the back to create the razer back.
 The shirt looks great with my Bandeau I made :)

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