Monday, June 11, 2012

Bonnaroo Pt 1

I just got back from Bonnaroo today and WHOA was it an experience! I had a blast. Bonnaroo is like another world you feel like it not real life. I mean everyone we met was super nice! We had an awesome camp set up with awesome neighbors! We were worried when we first got there that we were not going to have enough space too set up camp and were going to go to tent only camping to have more room. Tent only didn't work out because we got to Bonnaroo late on Wed. that the closed it where no one could leave our camp area. However, it ended up working out perfect and we had plenty of space for our camp.

The weather ended up being pretty awesome this year. It only rained for a little while Sunday morning and then sprinkled throughout the day. We were also lucky it wasn't extremely hot and don't get me wrong it was hot, but it was tolerable. It would get pretty cold at night, but by 7 am the inside of your tent was a furnace. We were also pretty lucky to get a decent camp site to centerroo. We still had to walk some, but it could have been way worse. The overall experience for Bonnaroo was truly amazing and I would definitely go back!
Anyways on to the music...I saw Phantogram, Alabama Shakes, Feist, Foster the People, Avett Brothers, some of Two Door Cinema Club, Radiohead, The Shins, Gary Clark Jr, some of Childish Gamino, some of The Roots, The Punch Brothers, some of Temper Trap, City and Colour, Red Hott Chili Peppers, The Shins, and Ben Folds Five. I was pretty happy with everything I saw. We weren't able to make a couple of things that we wanted to see like The Kooks, Civil Wars, and Young the Giant and Aziz Ansari, but it is impossible to make it to everything!! I think my favorite shows were of course Radiohead (woulda been nice to be closer, but there was so many people it was impossible) Phantogram, The Shins and Foster the People. Heres some pics!

Heres some clips of the ones we got the closest to different things at Bonnaroo

Phantogram - Don't Move

Phantogram- Mouthful of Diamonds

Foster the People- Helena Beat

City and Colour - Weightless

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