Monday, June 18, 2012

Lovely Tattoo Obsession!

I really want a tattoo, but I cant make up my mind what I want. Its between 3 things currently. Elephant (they mean lucky and they are so darn cute), dream catcher (they are so whimsical and beautiful) and hot air balloon (Ive been really obsessing over hot air balloons lately).

I love the clouds on this tattoo, but not extremely fond of the hearts.

I like the hearts better on this tattoo and I am also feeling the location of the tattoo.

Source: via Keely on Pinterest
I like the style of this hot air balloon alot, but Im not feeling the anchor also it looks super big I wouldnt want it that big.

I really like the size and location of this tattoo, however I would change some stuff to the dream catcher itself.

I love everything about the styles of these tattoos except for the size and location.

So cute and tiny!!

Love the style of the elephant not too excited about the location tho. :)

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