Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Baked Banana and Zucchini Donuts w/strawberry glaze.. YUM

So I recently bought a donut pan for baking donuts. I love donuts, but they are just so unhealthy fried. SO last night I was on pinterest searching for recipes and came across a Banana and Zucchini recipe! This is perfect because I have a good bit of zucchini, well a giant zucchini for that matter. For those of you who are not on my facebook. I have a cowork that has his own garden and he brings us zucchinis to work. They have been giantic lately. Well this certain cowork does not like the fact that I walk home back and forth to work. So he said he was going to bring me a giant zucchini everyday so that I will have a weapon (he jokes a lot). Im afraid he might really do this and if so I will be swimming in zucchini! Pics below of the huge zucchini.

It could totally be a bat for a little league team :)
Okay for actual donut recipe please make your way over to the lovely recipeforcrazy blog found via pinterest. Mine turned out really good (btw I halfed the recipe on her site) and it made 12 donuts for my 6 donut baking pan (which I got for 10$ at bed bath and beyond). Also, she has a donut maker so I baked mine for 15 mins at 350 degrees!. These donuts are similar to a muffin just in donut form, but HEY THEY ARE BETTER FOR YOU !! Anyways I tweaked one thing and that was the frosting.
I used a strawberry glaze. While the donuts are baking make the glaze...
To make the strawberry glaze you need..
6-7 strawberries (you can omit the strawberries too and make a basic glaze you probably need to add more powder sugar though)
1 tbsp sugar
1/4 cup of powder sugar
splash of vanilla extract
Optional 1/2 tspn lemon juice (it added a nice fresh flavor)
I chopped up my strawberries and put them a in a pan with the tpsn of sugar on med heat. Basically your cooking the strawberries to a syrup. Once you have a nice syrup consistency (add more sugar if needs thickening or water to thin it out). Allow the strawberry syrup to cool and then blend the mixture together until you have a puree.
I didn't put my puree through a stainer, but you can to get rid of the bigger strawberry bits.
Next mix the rest of the ingredients in a bowl. If glaze is too thin just add more powder sugar to make a thicker consistency.

Once your donuts are finished cooking allow them to slightly cool a bit. You still want them a little warm though. Then dip your donuts in your glaze and allow to cool further. ENJOY!! This was my first donut baking experience. I can't wait to try more...


  1. I've never known anyone who just went out and bought a doughnut pan and made doughnuts! You're like wonderwoman! I should try this ... or make my husband do it? He's the real chef in this family ...

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  2. Haha well thanks! I love to try different things and Ive been wanting to make some donuts so I figured why not!!

  3. Frost with a glaze of powdered sugar, water and a little red food coloring, or make it really simple and buy a container of pre-made frosting. Use some frosting pens to write messages or draw on the cookies.

    Strawberry Glaze