Sunday, March 22, 2015

Throwback Scotland/London trip part 2

 These posts are taking longer than I expected to write. So sorry for the delay, but since the trips are not fresh in my mind it is hard to remember all the details quickly. Also, it is so hard to pick which pictures to post because I took ALOT of pictures. Plus I was in San Diego all last week (Pics for that to follow). Blah, blah, blah don't you love my excuses :)
This post is about our adventures in Wick, Sutherland (Dunrobin Castle), and St. Andrews.

Wick is a lovely place where Donny and Court use to live. Wick is located in northern Scotland and it was absolutely freezing when we went there in April.

Gorgeous cliffs located in Wick.

We saw a Puffin! I didn't get a good picture of it so this picture was taken by my sister. How cute is this Puffin?? I was so excited about all the different animals we saw in Scotland.

 Stacks of Duncansby

John O'Groats was a neat little spot. It is actually the most northern village in Britain. We went to a little cafe there and had coffee/tea and sandwiches.

Colorful Inn at John O'Groats near the habor!

 This is a picture taken at Dunnet Head, which is the most northern point in Britain. I wish I would have taken more pictures at this location, but it was so freaking cold it was hard to even hold my camera.

 Light house overlooking Dunnet Point.

 More pretty cliffs on our drive down from Dunnet point. If you look towards the shore you can see the pretty turquoise color in the water.

Oh lovely castles in Scotland. This is the Castle of Mey located in Caithness. It is Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother's home and also the northernmost castle on the British mainland. We didn't get to go inside due to time issues, but you can tour the castle and the garden.

 I love this picture and it was taken near the castle.

  I was excited to finally get to see the highland cows. My sister always talked about these cool cows. It looks like they have bangs lol. They are beautiful animals.

Such an adorable little baby highland cow. It took me a while to get a good picture because the momma was hiding and being protective of the baby.

--------------------------- Sutherland
This was my favorite part of the trip (which is hard to say because the whole trip was fabulous). Dunrobin castle was absolutely gorgeous and was literally something out of a fairy tale. This is a must see if you are visiting Scotland. It is located in Sutherland, Scotland.

 It was so lovely and magical. I can't wait to go back and have my parents see this place.

So the castle has falconry displays that they put on at certain times and days. Donny and Courtney were really excited about the bird show. I didn't really know what to expect and I was so in awe of the castle that I just wanted to explore. I have to say the bird show was pretty cool. They had falcons and owls flying around the castle. The birds would just hobble through the people sitting and even landed on one guy's head that was wearing a hat. It was hard to take of picture of due to how fast they were flying, but I got a couple of shots. We also toured the inside of the castle, but photography was not allowed.

Here is the owl just flying around.

 This photo was taken by my sister and it is a fantastic shot!

 More birds on their stands!

Love this one of all of us.

 Just aborbs!

Also adore this one!

Oh the courtyard was so awesome!

I am just frolicking through the courtyard.

--------------------------- St. Andrews
 The next day we went to St. Andrews! 

 We had to go to this bakery called Fisher and Donaldson and get a coffee tower! OMG this was so divine. Geez now I want one!

Next we tried to walk off those lovely treats by strolling through the University of St. Andrews. Such a nice campus and actually Donny use to attend there!

This was neat to see what everyone wrote for "I am" and "home is". I wrote VA on the chalk board, but I can't remember if Georgia was already there or if we wrote it.

 University of St Andrews campus. I love the architecture.

 Then we had to get some famous fish & chips, which we got from Tailend Restaurant and Fish Bar. We got it to go and walked down to St. Andrew castle ruins and ate our fish & chips there.

Even the castle ruins are absolutely stunning on a cloudy day.

Beautiful and yet rugged!

 The remains of St. Andrews Cathedral, which was located, near the castle ruins. I wish I would have taken more pictures of this, but this was the only one I got. Next time I will take more photos.

St. Andrews Golf Hotel! We stopped here briefly just to take a couple of pictures! I am sure on our next visit we will stop here longer since my dad will be with us.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Scotland Summer Trip and Previous Scotland Trip

I am so stoked that my parents and I finally booked our flight to London and Scotland! We are going to Scotland this summer to visit my sister and Donny. This will be my third time going. Our trip will be 10 days long and we are starting off in London, but going to Scotland for the majority of the time. My sister and Donny are so cute and have already made little itineraries for us.

Last time I went to visit I surprised my sister for her birthday last April. I just realized I never posted pictures of that trip on my blog! Goodness that is some serious lacking on my end and I can't believe I didn't post anything. I guess better late than never. So here is a little throwback of my trip to Scotland and London in honor of our upcoming trip. For my previous trip my sister and Donny did a fabulous job planning the trip. I was there for 10 days and we saw a lot of Scotland and then spent one night/2 full days in London. In Scotland we visited Isle of Skye, Glencoe, Wick, Sutherland, and St. Andrews. I have tons of pictures of this trip so I am going to split up the post.

When I arrived to Scotland, of course I was exhausted from the long flight. I quickly perked up on the drive when we arrived to Glencoe. The views of the mountains were amazing.

Absolutely stunning views in Glencoe.

This is cool picture with the cave in the mountain

So pretty

 There are so many great things about Scotland, but one thing I absolutely ♥  is the CASTLES CASTLES and yep more CASTLES....Eilean Donan Castle is located in highlands Scotland. We passed it on our way to Isle of Skye. Unfortunately, in April it starts to get dark at around 3pm in Scotland. So daylight hours are limited. It was hard to get really great pictures of the castle in the dark, but it still shows some of the eerie magical beauty.

-------------------------------------Isle of Skye
 I can't wait to go back to Isle of Skye. When we first arrived we were greeted with such a lovely sunset! I felt like I was in a dream world.

 So many sheep in Scotland. You have to watch out for them because they roam all in the roads.

 Quiraing is a must see. The views and landscapes are breathtaking. Even on a rainy day (which it will most likely be). The place is unreal it is like something out of Lord of Rings.

 My sister and I aren't we so cute. Love this girl and can't wait to see her soon.

 Quiraing (in Gaelic, Cuith-Raing)

 The next pictures are from Fairy Glen (Glen Conon), which is full of lovely rippled conical hills. Great place to hike and enjoy the eerie, but beautiful scenery. Pictures just don't do Isle of Skye justice and it is so hard to capture the magical beauty of this place.  

Little lamb at Fairy Glen. The sheep started getting a little protective when we tried to get too close for pictures.

 Coral beach is a nice hike with a stunning views located Claigan. Coral beach is gorgeous and the beach is actually crushed seaweed (not coral as you might think due to the name). The blue and turquoise water makes for great photos.

Such amazing views, but so cold. I am not use to going to a beach and not being able to get in the water. I had to enjoy the crystal water in my hunter boots!

We saw this pretty horse on the way back from the Coral Beach. We think it is a Clydesdale horse, but not positive.

Group shot before my sister's birthday dinner. This was taken at the lovely B&B that we stayed in.

I adore this picture!

Kilt Rock is another natural beauty located in Skye. The view of the cliff and waterfall is stunning. All the previous places I posted required a bit of walking to get to or to explore, however at this gem you just park and walk a couple of steps and there is the magical scenic view. Don't get me wrong I love hiking and walking to see wonderful beautiful places, but we already accomplished a lot of adventurous walking in the rain so it was nice to see this quickly.

 This is the pretty town of Portree, which is the main town on Isle of Skye.

 Portee's habor

 Here is where our main adventure on Isle of Skye comes into play. So the main reason why I was so excited for Isle of Skye was to go to the Fairy Pools (<<<check out people photos on trip advisor with the link). On our last day in Skye we planned to go to the Fairy Pools. Well of course it is Scotland and well it rains a lot. Well on this particular day it was really raining, but we still decided to go. The Fairy Pools were more like rapids than pools of water. We pretty much risked our life to hike up to see the "pools". We crossed a rapid flowing river where the water was past our knees. Donny helped us get across it safely. It was pretty thrilling crossing the river. The water was absolutely freezing and I barely could feel my body. It started pouring rain at times so I only managed to take a couple of pictures. I didn't want to damage my DSLR camera which was just chilling in the pocket of my anorak rain jacket. After we were done with the hike we had a long drive and we had already checked out of the B&B so we had to stop a little cafe to change out of our freezing soaking wet clothes. We were a mess haha. Even though I was disappointment I didn't get to see the glorious turquoise and iridescent colors in the pools it was still a crazy fun adventure.

When we go back this summer we are definitely going back to the Fairy Pools and hopefully I will have some great beautiful pictures of it!! We will have longer days to explore too.

Tomorrow I am planning on posting more on my previous Scotland and London adventure. I might have to split it up more than just two parts!