Monday, March 12, 2012

Update/Roadtrip playlist

So I haven't been posting lately because I recently just made a huge decision in my life. If you for some reason missed the 100 posts on facebook about my recent adventure here it is....I just moved to Charlottesville, VA for a job at the UVA medical center. I am so excited about this new adventure, but I also am super nervous. I mean this is a big step I am now 9 hours away from my hometown in GA. However, I really feel in my heart that this is a great opportunity for me. Just being out of school us NEWBIES just need a chance. Most jobs around GA prefer experience. I am just thankful for such a great opportunity. Its exciting to be able to work for a hospital that is actually making money. I will of course miss my family, but I feel as if its an adventure for us all. This past weekend my parents and my sister helped me move. It was of course stressful, but I am lucky to have such supportive family to help! I am glad they got to come out and see Charlottesville. Its really pretty here. The UVA college campus is absolutely beautiful. I am lucky to be in walking distance to the University. Here some pictures of our exploring Charlottesville this weekend!

Also, above is my favorite mix currently. Its a bunch of songs I listened to on my trip to VA.

 Yes, that is a Dwight pancake. This was at my now new favorite breakfast place called Blue Moon Diner. My friends Mary and Christian took me here when I was down for my interview. I then took my family here because it was soo good. My sista ordered a pancake and this is what came out and now im in love with the place.

Pretty UVa Campus
My sister and I

For some reason I just love this pic

So strong.

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