Sunday, February 12, 2012

Awesome New Music

I recently came across Adam Arcuragi & the Lupine Chorale Society via hearya blog and Im in love. I have been wanting some new music to listen too! The album is called Like A Fire That Consumer All Before It …and I cant wait to listen to the whole thing. The band is labeled as Death Gospel, which sounds a little sketchy at first, but is completely appropriate after you listen to them.  There is a raspy, rugged feel to his voice and then surprisingly the background vocals bring a pleasant, but somewhat erie feel to the music. I love the folkish feel to this band, which I have been really into lately! I did a little research and Adam was born in Atl, GA.

The first one is a little session on NPR. It's 17 mins long. The second video is a official music video for the song President's Song. The last one is them performing the song You'd think this was easy live.
Anyways enjoy!

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