Saturday, February 11, 2012

Early Valentines Day inspired Breakfast

SO Valentines day is coming up. I don't feel like people should be pressured into buying tons of gifts. Its more about the little things. Recently I've been listening to people talk about Valentines day and most girls I have heard say I just want him to recognize the day. So guys just do something special you dont have to go out and by diamonds and tons of flowers.
 Inspired by upcoming Valentines day I made heart shaped pancakes for breakfast! The pancakes were blueberry and strawberry. I started with bisquick and then made the batter a little thicker by not adding so much water. Then I cut up some fresh strawberries and added fresh blueberry to the batter. Then I made my heart shaped pancakes. I wanted to use a cookie cutter at first, but I couldnt find one. I like how they turned out they are cute, but I also like their imperfections.

1. Using a big spoon the pour batter in a well pam sprayed pan. Like image 1.
2. Next do the same thing on the other side like image 2.
3. Next, quickly take a spoon or knife around the edges to fix any batter that might have spilled over like on the right side in image 2. Make sure its good and cooked on that side before flipping (however dont burn it).
4. Now let it brown on the other side and you gots a heart shaped pancake!!

Next I made strawberry and blueberry syrup. In a pan add cut up strawberries and blueberries. Add about 1/4 cup sugar. Allow to set for a couple of minutes. Then add a little butter I didnt even add a tablespoon and simmer over low heat. Then I squeeze about 1/4 of a orange (optional) in the mixtured and stirred. A simple syrup should be formed and once that happens I added just a little bit of maple syrup to add more flavor and thickness.

Add some powder sugar on the pancakes (optional)

Then enjoy!

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