Monday, March 7, 2011

Old School Playlist

Here are some songs that I use to listen to alot when I was middle/highschool days. I wanted to make a old school playlist because its so funny how much my music taste has changed. Most of these songs I still like, but I went thru my phases. I use to love rab/r&b/hiphop, then I went thru my rock/pop phase and then it was more of alternative/grunge/rock phase. I will admit when I went through the pop phase like every teenage girl I loved NSYNC however, I will not be added them to any of my playlist so dont worry :)....
Now I like more folk/indie/rock more than anything. However when I was younger I didnt listen to radiohead much it wasnt til college (even the older stuff) that I started listening to them so I didnt put them on my playlist

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