Thursday, January 6, 2011

Recap of concerts from last year

So music is a big part of my life. I am pretty open to new music and I think its cool how much variety and different music I have began to love. Lately Ive been really into indie, folk, and alternative. This past year I tried to go to more concerts because Ive pretty much gone and saw the same people in concert over and over again. Ive been to see incubus 4 times and seen citizen cope 3 times. Incubus is my all time favorite band I can pretty much listen to any song of theirs and just be in love I will always try to go to see them perform. However this past year I went to see Kings of Leon, with Black keys and the Whigs; Local Natives with Union Line; and Yeasayer with Washed out; and also saw Mates of State with Free Energy. So here some videos of the shows I went to enjoy!!

This video is from Mates of State and Free energy. I didnt take very good videos when I was there, but this is cool because at the end of the show Free energy got on stage with Mates of State and just jammed out.

Next is Kings of Leon, Black Keys and the Whigs. I went and saw them in Tampa with my brother. My old roommate Brittany lives there with her boyfriend Bobby and they let us stay with them. We had such a good time! However it was a big venue and we had lawn seats. I rather go to smaller shows because its more up close and personal! It was hard to get good videos, but you at least hear it :)

The Black keys - tighten up

KOL - Knock up

Heres a picture of me and my brother @ the concert!

Next is Yeasayer which me and my brother saw at the Trustees Theater in Savannah. It was an awesome concert because we were right at the stage!
Yeasayer -Sunrise

Okay last but not least is Local Natives! I love them so much we were also right in front of the stage and I went with Kyle (brother), Kallie (my brothers gf) and my Courtney (my sister). We tied dye shirts and then wrote Local Natives on the front and then our favorite song on the back! Mine was cubism dream, kyle's was airplane, kallie's was cards and quarters, and courtney's was who knows who cares.
Also we got to take a picture with Andy Hamm (the bass player from local natives)

And we got a pic with the opening band Union Line (below) and those guys were pretty amazing too!
Heres some videos 
1st one Union Line - strangers (really great song)

Next is Local Natives - Sunhands - this video is pretty amazing!

And next is Local natives - airplanes

So what concerts did you go to that you really enjoyed??

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