Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My treat for the night...

So I didnt have to work a double afterall I just worked this morning. I was glad that I didnt end up having to work tonight because I did some much needed grocery shopping.
Anyways ...So I have been doing really good lately about counting calories and working out. Counting calories was alot of work at first but I am so glad I started because it really makes you realize portion size and there was just alot of un-needed calories I use to intake. For instead, a coke or juice is pretty high on the calories side and technically a serving size is 8 oz which is 1 cup. To me a cup of juice is is not enough especially if I am thirsty, however if you just drink water its nothing. I know I KNOW WATER!! I love water, but I use to hate it and some how I just ended up making myself drink it because Im a broke college student and water is free!
Anyways to the point of this post.  I kinda indulged a little tonight. I made CANNOLIS!! OMG I love cannolis and these were pretty easy. I got the idea from this site I pretty much used the same ingredients except made it a lil bit easier by using fat free ricotta and didnt use any fromage blanc. Also, I didnt make 12 serving I made 2. So heres my version and I think for me the fun part was experimenting.
I use about 1 cup of Ricotta cheese mixed with sugar to taste and a couple of drops of vanilla extract then added some semisweet choc. shaving (about a block and 1/2), but again I think its however much your feeling to add. Then I bought some phyllo dough and used the directions on the recipe to do that part. The first one didnt turn out so great and the phyllo dough was not the easiest to handle, but I was happy in the end. Heres some pic of my snack.

It was pretty YUMMY!

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