Wednesday, January 5, 2011

DIY Sparkle Earring I made for NYE!

 So I work a double today so this might be my only post but hope you enjoy.
 Supplies (all can be bought at Micheals or AC Moore Except Drill)

-Buy an assortment of colors Jolees Jewels (flat back)
-Mod Podge Hard coat
-Arcylic paint I used Metallics for shimmer ( the 2 paints I used were champagne gold metallics and FolksArt's metallic sequin black and mixed the 2 paints together)
-Paint brush
-Wire Hoop Assortments (mine were made by Jewelry Essentials and 60 pieces came in it)
-Wooden  circles (I cant remember the size, but just use your judgement remember they are earrings so whatever is comfortable)

Steps - 1.Drill hole into wooden circles using the smallest drill attachment.
2. Paint wooden round with acrylic paint I mixed the black metallic paint with a lil of champagne gold metallics. Allow to dry and a couple of coats might be needed.
3. Using mod modge glue the jewels to the wooden circles I used different colors and sizes. Allow to dry!!
4. Attach the wire hoop thru the drilled hole - Make sure when you glue on the jewels not to cover the hole with glue or jewels.

I couldnt get the greatest picture of them, but they sparkle and are just fabulous easy earrings. AND theres endless possibilities you could do really colorful ones. I made these because I didnt want to spend 30$ on sparkle earring to match my dress for NYE! Happy crafting
Any questions???
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