Monday, January 19, 2015

Sherando River Hiking

Yesterday was a gorgeous day! I've wanted to go on more hikes and explore more around here. Usually I am not a person that deals with the cold very well, but it wasn't that bad. My friend Mary and I decided to do a sunset hike at Sherando Lake. It was about an hour away from Charlottesville. We walked up to Lookout Rock on the blue trail loop which was .5 miles. Don't let the .5 miles fool you it is a nice uphill hike, but definitely doable. It definitely got my HR up. The blue trail loop is 2.5miles, but after we got up to Lookout Rock we turned back around. We made it to the Lookout rock close to sunset and we decided it would be best not to navigate the trail in the dark. We ended up doing around 2 miles in all because we had to walk back to our car because the road to the Sherando Lake was closed.

(Sorry for the blurry phone picture)

 Someone wrote SOS in the gravel in the parking area for the hike.

The lake was frozen which was really pretty.

I was so nervous to step on the ice.


Pretty view from the Lookout Rock

So pretty


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