Tuesday, January 29, 2013


SO this past weekend I was sick with a cold. Well now I feel better, but I have to go to employee health everyday to make sure I don't have a temp. The last 2 days they had put me off duty due to having a fever. Its so crazy (obviously I'm not not referring to them not wanting me to work due to the fact that I work at a hospital, but the fact that I FEEL FINE). Anyways so now I been trying my best to stay in bed, drink lots of fluids and be BLAH all because of a stupid fever. I guess it could be worse, but I feel like im just wasting my PTO. It is funny though I am use to jobs where if your sick it doesnt matter you better come in! Okay enough with my complaining. One thing I have been doing stuck in bed is shopping. Heres some pretty things...

Source: etsy.com via Keely on Pinterest

                                               I love this bangle set from etsy shop LayeredWithLove

Source: modcloth.com via Keely on Pinterest

And these Dresses from modcloth

Source: modcloth.com via Keely on Pinterest

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