Thursday, January 17, 2013

Goals for 2013

SO instead of putting new year resolutions (which I know is kinda late to blog about) I think I am just going to say goals for the new year.
1. Make healthier choices! I want to try and exercise everyday! and of course eat better.
2. Get back into running!
3. Travel! Well I am pretty sure I already going on a cruise to Mexico. It would be nice to get to go somewhere else.
4. Save money and try to pay off at least one of my student loans!
5. I am just going to say be more creative with my art. I havent been able to paint as much as I would like now that I have a full time job. I would like to try and get more into the creative world. I showed my stuff locally in Milledgeville, but I need to find somewhere in Charlottesville to do it.
6. Start playing a instrument. I have always wanted to learn to play a string instrument. I am thinking violin would be awesome, however I heard its super hard. Since I have gotten into more folksy bluegrass style music I think violin is gorgeous instrument.
7. More live music. I always have a need for concerts and live music. Unfortunely I really wanted to try and go to Bonnaroo again, but I dont think it going to work out this year, but maybe Coachella? or Hangout Festival? There are so many festivals a year I am sure I will figure out something.
8. Get a tattoo! I want to get my first tattoo! People are so surprised when they find out I dont have one. I am thinking about elephant (bc I love them and they mean luck), hot air balloon (bc I have always wanted to ride one and I just think they are awesome), or the quote "And in that moment I swear we were infinite (with the infinite sign instead of the world)"-from perk of being a wallflower
9. Continue to learn more about sewing. I would like to sew my own skirt or bag.
10. Get my own appartment without a roommate. I want a extra room where my parents can come visit and stay in also a place to store all my art. I think I am just ready to live by myself.

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