Friday, November 2, 2012

Milo Green and Kimbra!

SO I wanted to post about the recent concerts I went to. Oct 20th I went and saw Milo Greene with my sister in Charlottesville! They were great and I really liked the opening band Lucius. We saw them at the The Southern and we had a great view. We couldnt have been any closer!!


 Milo Greene -1947 first song I heard by them
 Milo Greene- Autumn Tree
 Milo Greene- Covers Chicago (Sufjan Stevens)
Milo Greene - Perfectly Aligned
I saw kimbra at 930 club in Washington DC and we had a pretty good spot. She was amazing. I love her crazy dance moves. She is one talented lady and her band was pretty awesome as well! Opening for her were the Stepkids, which I have seen before. They are psychedelic funk they were pretty good, but I think I was more impressed the first time I saw them. 



 Call Me (she is amazing)
Come into my head

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