Sunday, September 9, 2012

New Paintings

Its been so long since I have painted! I have really missed it, but I feel like it is hard to make time to do it. Well I made time this weekend. Working full-time is tougher than I thought, but painting is a fun way to be creative. I am always excited to see the end results. So lately I have been into elephants. I want a elephant tattoo. I have read that elephants mean good luck. I did an elephant painting a while back called flirting elephants and I sold it to a friend. I figured I would do another(which ended in 2). I have recently decided to do my smaller painting because eventually I might want to open a etsy shop and I think that the 11x14 paintings will be easier to ship. Anyways here are my cute lil elephant creations. I need to take some better pics in better lighting, but since I havent painted in a while I couldnt resist posting.

 Ellie-Mae 11x14 mixed media
 Ollie 11x14 mixed media

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