Saturday, December 3, 2011

Nutella Turtle Cheesecake

So a couple of weeks ago my mom bought me a springform pan. Ive been dying to make a cheesecake. December 1 was my mom's Birthday and I thought what a perfect time to make a cheesecake. So I found this website via pinterest. willowbirdbaking. On this website is a link to a youtube video on how to make cheesecake. Here is my first delicious cheesecake.

20 graham crackers pulsed into crumbs
5 1/2 tablespoons of butter melted

Dark Choc Ganache
1/2 cup of dark choc pieces
1/4 milk

condensed milk

Cheesecake Filling
3 8oz packages of room temp cream cheese
1 cup of sugar
2 teaspoon of vanilla
1 1/2 tbsp of flour
3 eggs
3 1/2 tbsp of nutella

1. Start off making the caramel for the cheesecake. This takes about 6 hours at least. Its totally worth it! Get your crockpot and line the bottom of the crockpot with alum foil. Place your unopened can of condense milk on the alum foil. Fill crockpot with water and make sure the water is covering your can completely. Set temperature on low. In about 6-8 hours you will have awesome caramel (found via pinterest). Make sure you allow the can to cool before removing from the water or use tongs. You will have alot of caramel left over so you mine want to get some apples :) Set aside until your ready to decorate your cheesecake.
2. Make your crust. pulse 20 graham crackers in a food processor. Then mix 5 1/2 tablespoons of melted butter. Stir until butter is well incorporated. Place mixture in the bottom of your springfold pan. Press and pack the crumbles in the bottom of your pan with your fingers or a glass.
3. Now make the dark choc. ganache. Heat up 1/4 cup of milk and add it to your 1/2 cup of semisweet dark choc pieces. Stir milk into the choc until it is melted. Pour the majority of the mixture into the springform pan. Spread the choc evenly on the bottom and add some pecans on top (optional). Leave some of the melted dark choc to decorate the top of the cheesecake. Place springform pan into the freezer just until the filling is done.
4. To make the filling, you mix 1 cup of sugar with the 3 packages of room temperature cream cheese with electronic mixer. Add vanilla and flour to the mixture while scraping the sides of the bowl as needed. Then add each room temperature egg one at a time. Once that is all mix add the nutella at the end. You can add more or less nutella for your liken. I did not want the cheesecake to overly sweet, especially since I was added all the sweet toppings to decorate it. If you dont want the sweet toppings on top then add more nutella for taste.

5. Pour mixture in the pan. Take some alum foil and cover the bottom of the springform pan to avoid leaking because your going to place the springform pan in another pan filled with water. Bake 350 degrees for 45 minutes to an hour. Mine took more on the hour side. Allow for the cheesecake to cool before adding your topping. I drizzled the left over dark choc and caramel on top. Then I placed pecans around the edge of the cheesecake. Place in the refrigerator for 20 mins to allow to set. Then you got a awesome Nutella Turtle Cheesecake!!!

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