Thursday, December 29, 2011

DIY earrings and necklace

Here is a fun DIY jewelry project finally! 2 colors geometric necklace. Sorry it took so long!



1.Kneed the clay so its more manageable. Flat the clay out pretty thin, if its too thick the triangles will not look right laying over each other. However, if the clay is too thin it will break. I used my mod podge bottle as a rolling pin!
2. Next cut the rolled clay in 1/2 like the picture above shows in image 2.
3. Next use your knife and cut a shape of a triangle from the 1/2 clay piece. I placed the cut egde of the clay piece down to form the bottom of the triangle and then cut the sides.

I used black and gold clay. The black triangle is bigger than the gold one. Make sure one of your triangles is bigger than the other. Make another set of triangles that are identical to the first 2 triangles. Then make another 2 triangles for the necklace. I made my black triangle and my gold triangles bigger because I wanted my necklace to be bigger than my earrings. In all you should have 6 triangles.
4. Pour gold glitter on the gold triangles and black glitter on the black triangles. Cover entirely!! Then shake off excess glitter carefully without distorting the clay.

5. Next take a toothpick and poke holes in your biggest triangles in the corners. My biggest triangles were my black ones so those are the ones I did. Dont poke holes in the gold triangles.

6. Place all of your triangles on some aluminum foil and bake the earrings at 275 degrees for about 15 mins. Remove the clay and let cool. Once cool take your goop and glue the gold triangles onto the black ones. Allow to set for a couple of hours. Goop holds really well but only if you let it set.

7. Once set take your jump rings and pry them open (jewelry tool could come in handy, but I managed without) and place them in the holes in the black triangle then take your chain out. I wanted dangling earring so I used about a total of 41 links. This is the tricky part because your links have to be even, but its a odd number links because the hook finding has to be attached to one. You don't want one side of your earring to be lopsided or not even ( I hope this make sense).

 I used regular scissors to cut the chain. Attach your chain within the jump rings and close the jump rings tightly. Then add your hook findings directly in the center of the chain. Repeat for other pair of earring making sure the chain is the exact length as the first. You also dont want one of the earring longer than the other. Repeat same steps for the necklace, however of course you will use more chains. The same concept applies make sure your necklace is even on both sides of the chain. I made mine long enough that I can just put over my head, but you could add a chain fastener if needed.

Heres there earrings on.

Heres the necklaces

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