Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Faceted DIY Earring and Necklace tutorial

So a while back I posted some D.I.Y projects that I wanted to try. Well finally I gotten around to making more jewelry and I wanted to share it. My DIY project was adapted from dismountcreative. <<<if you click on the link there is a video tutorial on the blog I pretty much used the same techique as there, but just added some color and glitter!

I used all the same material just added some...you will need
 polymer clay (oven bake kind) (there is colored clay as well, acrylic paint not needed then)
earring studs w/ backs (You can get these at any local craft store)
Jewelry adhesive (E600) or Super Glue ( I used Goop)
Acrylic pain – any color works
Razor blade (or polymer clay blade) Careful it will slice you!
Glitter ( I like martha stewart brand) but its optional
mod podge

Heres how mine turned out...I did a couple trial and errors watch the video its really helpful on how to facet your earrings. The 1st couple I made too big for my ears so keep that in mine too. I was definitely happy with these tho. I think the glitter ones are my fav tho.

Hint if u use glitter a good way to keep it from falling off it to coat a layer of mod podge on top. That way the glitter wont fall off everywhere.

For necklace you need ..
Clay ( I used about 1/4 of the block of clay)
Acrylic pain and glitter – any color works
Razor blade (or polymer clay blade)
hemp or a necklace chain
scissors if u use hemp
mod podge
-Sorry no video tutorial for this one...but you use the same techique when faceted the necklace except you start with a bigger piece of clay. At the end of slicing the facets..take ur bail and stick it in the clay.. heres a pic ... then bake according to the clay instructions..let cool...make sure bail is in place if not take it out and glue it back in same hole. allow to dry.. then paint or use whatever kind of glitter a couple of coats might be needed. string on hemp or necklace!

More pics will be posted of the necklaces

Heres a set I did that I adore. I used two different colored clay and it made a marble appearance! I think it looks like a classy stone. I want to try this again soon because I love how it turned out.

Me sporting one of my necklaces!

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