Wednesday, July 13, 2011

2 pair of thumbs - Mumford & Sons

So I have been trying forever to post videos from Mumford & Sons concert but apparently blogger wont let me! so I guess I will have to just post pics. Anyways sorry for being so delayed but the concert was amazing I wanna def. see them again! The show was in Asheville at the Civic center. It was a perfect venue. I love general admission concerts because its more personal! The band had an amazing stage presence and you could tell they were just having fun. They were pretty funny in their british ways. The opening bands were Matthew and the Atlas and The Low Anthem. I really liked Matthew and the Atlas alot! The low anthem just wasnt my favorite. Heres my pics

this is when the opening bands and Mumford & Sons got on stage and performed Avetts Brother's, Go to sleep..heres also a video I found on youtube from the asheville concert... my camera ended up being full by the time they played this so I didnt get any video.. Videos below taken from youtube since mine wouldnt upload, but they are from the Asheville concert.

This was a new song they sang called Below my Feet. It was pretty awesome..
My fav. White Blank Page.

Heres some cute pics of our time in Asheville.
Me at mellow drinking a Pyramid Apricot beer! It was love.

Before the concert..

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