Sunday, April 24, 2011

Some Easter Fun!

My easter consists of me working a double on the bar at my job. For the sake of me making money I am hoping people are going to be going out to eat and drinking! :) However I found some cute inspiring things that I would totally do if I wasnt working a double.

Stache out your eggs! best idea ever and im going to do it next year! I wanted to see if there were any images of eggs with mustaches and of course there are so I found these via google.....located on a cute lil blog called oh-whatfun

Fun treats. I love smores and these are so festive and involve PEEPS! I love it :) The recipe is located Eclectic recipes, however just use PEEPs instead of marshmallows. I might be making this the day after easter!

I hope everyone has a fabulous easter!

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