Thursday, February 3, 2011

I wanna build a fort!

So I came across this DIY project on Design Sponge (Click link for DIY instructions) it was valentines inspired! Im not big on valentines (I would not really want to go to a fancy dinner or spend lots of money on buying valentines presents) However I would love for someone to build me a FORT. It would also be a cute project to do with your significant other! Its truly amazing! I want my art studio to have a fort to relax and find inspiration in!

Here some more fort images that I just found inspiring!

These lights are a must have for a fort!
I like this pic below because this is how my forts use to look like when I was a kid. I remember sometimes me a my brother would build them or just put a thin sheet over the air vent and turn on the air to blow up a balloon like tent!

This is just magicial

Yep Im all about the colors!

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