Friday, February 11, 2011

I cant get enough of agates crystals, minerals rocks!

So I am loving agates and crystal jewelry! I got one necklace for christmas and I absolutely love it. Heres the etsy store it was purchased from elizabethlydonstudio and heres a similar picture of the one I got (its not exactly tho). Usually I have been finding necklaces with agates and crystals for like $60-and up but here they range from $18-$28 so they are super affordable!

Here some other favs from this shop..


I love this one!! I might have to make a purchase soon!

Another store I absolutely adore is Five and Two, but its a lil more pricey! I love the lovely rainbow crystal and aura crystal and one day I will buy me one, but right now im too broke :(. Anyways they are still beautiful to look at ..

Another affordable shop is lauriebdesigns and they are around $13 for a agate necklace! Here some of a favs.

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