Sunday, January 9, 2011

Weekend over ..

Well today was my last day of getting to relax before school starts back. I will be in clinic starting tomorrow from 3-11! Anyways today turned out to be a pretty good day. I found out from my mom that there was a picture in the Macon Telegraph of one of my paintings (they spelled my name kelly, but its okay) its so exciting. I had no idea that was going to happen. Heres a link
I think these are some of the girls that work at Jack and Darcys where some of my art is displayed.  Im not in the actual pic just for an FYI.

This weekend I got some painting therapy done. Since I start school Im not able to be miss crafty anymore. I still try to work it in every now and then tho, but I really have to be focus on school this semester.
However heres some finished paintings!
11x14 mixed media. I love the background!

12x16 mixed media
I do alot of girly pieces and I wanted to do something cute for a little boys room.

Lovely LadyBug
12x16 mixed media
So I didnt mean for this to be valentine's theme (colors) but it did and I like it and Feb is coming soon :)

Hope you like them I would love to know any kind of feedback especially on the helicopter

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