Sunday, December 22, 2013

DIY Harry Potter Inspired Etched Glasses

So before I went to Scotland I made my sister some custom glasses. Since she loves Harry Potter I thought it would be cool to make her some glasses with different drinks/potions. So I wrote down some ideas of drinks/potions to put on the glasses. Then I tried to match them up to the style of glass.

For instance, the ones I made were....
Polyjuice Potion - Goblet glass or red wine glass
Butterbeer - Beer mug
Felix Felicis - Champagne glass
Also, I thought Accio Coffee was cute so I did one of those in a coffee mug of course..
Other ideas - Veritaserum, Pumpkin Juice, Fire Whiskey (shot glass or whiskey glass), Amortentia, Elixir of Life, and Mead are some others.

Etching glass is so easy!! Even if your not a crafty person you can do this! Once you buy all the supplies you can custom anything that is glass. It is perfect for gifts and if you need last minute Christmas gifts this is perfect! Also, I want to say I tried to take good pictures of the glasses, but it was hard because I was just learning my camera! So please figure me.

 A variety of glasses - I got mine from walmart, bed bath and beyond and home goods
Etching Cream - Michaels (tip bring a coupon the stuff is kind of expensive)
Paint brush
Martha Stewart Vinyl stick-on letters - Michaels (use a coupon) 
Painter's tape 
Alcohol and Cotton balls 
Old towel - I have crafting towels that have tons of paint on them. 

- Wash all your glasses and dry them. Next place alcohol on a cotton ball and rub down the area you will place letters.
 - Add the vinyl letters onto glass ensuring they are stuck on the glass entirely to avoid any smudges. Add tape around the letters to keep from getting cream anywhere else.

 - Read and follow the directions on the etching cream.
-Use gloves when apply the etching cream and apply a thick layer of cream with a paint brush.

- Rinse after 15 minutes of allowing the cream to set (this is how long my directions said to allow to set. Make sure to follow what the directions on your etching cream)
-Hint check the etching before removing the stencil because sometimes it won't look even and there will be some spots you might have missed.You can tell because the etched glass has a frosted appearance so you want that to be even in your letters. Its easier just to reapply the cream vs trying to reline up the stencil with the already etched letters .

 Accio Coffee


 Polyjuice Potion

I bubble wrapped them to bring them on the plane.

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