Sunday, December 8, 2013

Courtney and Donny's Wedding

I have been slack on posting, but I wanted to post about my sister's wedding! My family and I went to Scotland for the wedding and we had such a lovely time! The whole trip was fantastic and I can't wait to go back! We finally got to meet Donny's wonderful family who were so loving and hospitable. My sister was such a gorgeous lovely bride! Her dress was amazing! The whole experience was just perfect. I am so happy for these two!

SO onto pics and video! I used my canon rebel T3i camera, however I wanted to learn the camera more, but I got sick 2 days before my trip! I think the pictures turned out pretty good, but I wasn't sure how to work the video. Some of the clips of the dancing in the dark is somewhat blurry, but its okay! I made a little video of clips we got of the wedding/reception. I hope you enjoy.  FYI there are a lot of pictures!


The bridesmaids

BRO and I
I dont think you can tell how cold we are by this pic :)

 The flower girl

 How gorgeous is she!!

 The Kilts are great! I love em.


I love this picture of her

So sweet! Father daughter dance


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