Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Painted Envelope Throw Pillow Cover DIY

I have been searching for some affordable throw pillows and MAN I had no idea how expensive decor pillows are! I decided to try and make some myself. I am not an experienced sewer by any means. I searched the internet for an easy throw pillow tutorial. I wanted to make pillow covers, but I have never worked with zippers in my sewing experience. I ended up stumbling upon an envelope pillow tutorial and it is so simple! If you know the basics of how to sew you got this!! I found this tutorial via pinterest. The great thing about this is you can buy your pillow forms and then make a bunch of different pillow covers to switch out. So you never get bored with your covers! Here are the 2 pillows I have made so far and I am definitely making more. My pillows covers are made to fit a 18x18 pillow form.

So since Sparkle Power has such great instructions on how to make the pillows covers I am not going to go into details about the sewing part. However, I am going to explain how I painted my "And in that moment I swear we were infinite" pillow.

Supplies (for the painting not the sewing part)
Soft fabric paint or Acrylic paint mixed with fabric medium (I prefer the soft paint)
Soft Canvas fabric - I got mine from Joanns
Paint brush
Stencils for the letters
Cutting mat and rotary cutter ( optional) This project can be done without this, but I felt it was something that I wanted to invest in. I bought mine from Joanns and it is a 25x36 mat. I suggest using 2 coupons when purchasing this (I saved like 40$ that way)

1. First pre-wash and dry your fabric
2. Next iron your fabric and then cut the fabric to the size of your pillow. I cut my fabric 19x19 for a 18x18 pillow form. However, it ended up not being a snug as I wanted it. If you want your pillow to look a little more fluffy then you can cut it right to size 18x18.
3. Get your painting station together. I just put a old towel down so the paint wouldn't get on my table.
4. Figure out what kind of pattern you want as your background. You can use stencils or free hand it. I chose triangles and circles for my pattern. I used gold as my background color! Once you have painted your background color, allow the paint to dry.

5. Next paint your quote! I wanted to use one of my favorite quotes from perks of being a wallflower. I used stencils for this part. I used my ruler to make sure the letters were straight and then painted them on my pillow. After stenciling the letters, a touch up on paint might be required. Sorry my pictures are not super straight but you get the idea, I hope. Also, sorry for some of the lighting issues I took some of these with my Iphone and others with my camera (I need to invest in a new camera)

6. After your done with your design allow paint to dry for at least 4 hours before sewing up your pillow cover.
7. Again the instructions I used on how to sew the pillow cover is at Sparkle Power.

Below is a image of my big "Mess up" that turned out okay in the end.

I wanted to tell you about my mistake I made in the process of making my pillow. When stenciling my quote for the first time instead of putting "And in that moment I swear we were infinite" I put "And in that moment I swear we we infinite". I was devastated at first because I thought it wasn't fixable.  However, that is why there is black paint with gold letters for "were infinite". I actually like the black painted rectangles with the gold letters. It makes those words stand out! I am so glad I didn't throw it out and start over. 


  1. You are so creative, that pillow is adorable and could be sold on Etsy!!

    1. Thanks Whitney! I don't have much sewing experience but I am slowly teaching myself!