Saturday, August 10, 2013

Pretty washi magnet bookmarks DIY

SO I have been obsessed with making these lately! These bookmarks are so easy to make and cute. I have been searching for a DIY bookmark tutorial on pinterest and found an awesome one at lemonsqueezyhome blog, which I adapted this from. I followed the steps on lemonsqueezyhome to make mine, but played around with lengths and width of my bookmarks. I wanted to be able to use a variety of patterns for mine.I think these would be a cute gift ideas and you could personalize them too. My favorite is "Have a sweet read."

Washi Tape - I ordered mine off Etsy at 2 shops TheWashiShop and pikwahchan
Adhesion magnet sheets - Bought from Michaels
Construction paper - You want your paper to be slightly sturdy, but not too heavy. If the paper is to flimsy the bookmarks are hard to separate apart and are just annoying. If its too heavy then the magnets won't hold.
Sharpie and/or paint

1. Cut your paper to the desired width and length you want your bookmark. I played around with different lengths. I think the smaller bookmarks made with just one tape are good for bookmarking multiple things in one book. Like for instance, bookmarking in textbooks, passages in the bible and other inspirational books. I like the bigger bookmarks for marking one spot in a book. 
2. Use your washi tape and cover the cut paper along the length and cut the excess tape. Make sure you cover the back and front of the paper. Also, be sure to line up the tape with its match on the other side. Smooth out any bubbles in the tape.After you use the desired colors for tape, if there is still paper showing for your bookmark just trim the paper.
3. Fold the cover paper in 1/2 hamburger style. 
4. Cut out 2 magnet pieces almost the width of your bookmark.


5. Peel off sticker of adhesion magnet sheets and place on the ends of the bookmark. Place magnets on the side of the bookmark that has the most flaws. If magnets are not sticking well with adhesion to the bookmark then just use a little mod modge or glue to keep them from coming off.

Add any cute design with a sharpie or acrylic paint to your bookmark. This is optional you don't have to add any design. Its nice to add a cute saying/fav quote or design to know what page you actually left off on.

Here is a short instagram video I made for a tutorial. It is condensed because instagram only allows you a short time. Also, FYI I made a mistake and said use contact paper, which I meant to say construction paper. Please don't go buy contact paper for this project alone it is not needed. :)

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  1. Those are really precious! I'd say I'll try to make it, but I'd rather find one to buy!