Sunday, April 14, 2013

Bleach pen DIY


There are so many bleach pen tutorials on pinterest. I thought I would attempt it because I really wanted a shirt that says "and in that moment I swear we were infinite". I used the tutorial from somethingturquoise. I thought mine turned out pretty good especially for me not having the best handwriting.

T- shirt/tank top - any darker color shirt ( I got mine from walmart)
Bleach pen
white color pencil (for sketching)
wax paper
storage plastic tub top OR cardboard (this is just to keep the bleach from bleeding through the other side of the shirt)

I thought really hard about what I wanted to sketch from my shirt. This is one of my fav quotes so of course I want it on a T-shirt!!
First step is to sketch your drawing first with a white color pencil. You also can free style if you want to, but I don't have the best handwriting as I stated before so sketching works best for me.

FYI shake your pen before using the first time. As you can see the A in AND bled more because I didn't shake it and a lot of liquid came out then the gel. OH well though imperfection is beauty right... it gives my shirt character. After shaking your pen just go over the color pencil with bleach pen. Leave the bleach on for at least 10 minutes. If it is a thick shirt then you might want to leave on longer.

The gel hardens a little so the next step is to rinse the gel off with a water. Make sure there is pretty good pressure in your stream of water. You don't want to rub the gel onto other areas of the shirt. After all the gel is off. Rinse the shirt with soap and water to make sure all the bleach is off. I used dawn soap and it worked fine. Next I just machine washed both of the shirts I made.

Harry potter inspired shirt. I love how the designed ended up coming out!


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  1. You are so creative, when I first saw the pic I thought you bought those!!