Friday, April 13, 2012

How to make flavored cream cheese.

So in Charlottesville there is a place called Bodo's Bagels. I walk by there everyday pretty much on my way to work. They have some really great bagel sandwiches and awesome cream cheese for bagels. You can buy the flavored cream cheese by the tub, but they can run up to 4$. Anyways this morning I thought why don't I just make my own flavored cream cheese, which I did and it was so easy!! Also was extremely tasty. Below are the ingredient I scrounged up from my cabinets.

 So I made 2 different kinds this morning. I used cream cheese and mixed berry jam for one. The other was honey and almonds. So I have these little containers that I put them in called glad mini rounds. They are perfect for sauces and spreads. Anyways, all you need to do it make sure your cream cheese is room temp. because its easier to mix that way. In one container I mixed my cream cheese with honey and almonds and in the other I mixed it with the mix berry jam. It is that easy!!! Also you can make it as sweet as you want just keep adding more honey or jam to your cream cheese! Its great because you can by one thing of cream cheese and divide it up instead of buying a bunch of flavored tubs of cream cheese and then them going to waste.

The possibilites are endless with this. You can use fresh fruit such as strawberries and cut them up finely and mix with some sugar and let them sit for a bit to make a straberry sauce and then mix with your cream cheese. There is so may flavors you can create with different jams, marmalades, cinnamon, vanilla or even apple butter cream cheese. This would also be a cute idea for a brunch! Get a bunch of bagels and make a variety of cream cheese spreads! I can't believe I haven't done this earlier!
Make and then store the rest in the little containers!

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