Saturday, February 4, 2012

Charlottesville, VA

So on Weds I was flown out to Charlottesville, VA for a interview at the UVA medical center. My interview was not until Friday morning, but they flew me out earlier to be able to experience Charlottesville. My friend Mary lives there and showed me around and allowed me to stay with her. Charlottesville is very pretty and it has a small town feel, but with alot of shops. It is also a college town which I like. The the UVA campus is beautiful it almost made me miss school walking around the campus. As far as Charlottesville goes, I think I will miss the beach, but least there are mountains and then Virginia beach is 3 hours away. Maybe I can get into hiking and camping, which Ive always wanted to do. Also, Washington D.C is about a hour away. They have a downtown mall in Charlottesville which reminds me a little bit of a classy bigger city market and brougton street (in Savannah). They have a Anthropologie store, which is one of my favorite stores!!

My interview went extremely well. I was pretty nervous, but everyone was super nice. The ultrasound department apparently is extremely busy (so is the whole hospital) . They do alot of exams I have never seen before, but I have learned about. They do liver transplants, renal transplants, and pancreas tranplants. It would be such a great opportunity and I would learn so much if offered the job. My friend Mary has already learned so much. Wish me luck, hopefully I will hear something back soon!
Heres some pictures from my trip. I took them on my phone and altered some of the images with a camera app. I love my iphone :).

Picture of UVA Campus

 I loved this area on campus

 Love this picture. UVA campus

 Thomas Jefferson statue they are everywhere on the UVA campus since he founded the school.

Cool outside concert venue!

I finally got a magic hat. I love mellow mush!

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