Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Inspiring Words and future decisions

I love this quote that I found Via blog.freepeople. It is perfect for my situation right now. Ive been going through some indecisiveness about my future and I finally think I have made a decision on what I should do that works best for me. Anyways here is the amazing quote.

I absolutely love it. I recently found out that I get to graduate on time Fall 11 instead of later Spring 12. This is great and its what I wanted. However now I am super rushed into getting stuff done and making decisions. I decided that I am going to move back to my hometown and live with my parents while finishing up the remainder of my clinic and online class. I love Savannah and dont want to leave! Its so sad and kinda bittersweet. This decision will help me be able to save money and pay off some student loans. Also I want to be able to travel and go on adventures to see where I want to end up in life. I have nothing tieing me down and I want to be able to travel so I can look for jobs. I just dont want to take the first job because I have to bc of "money". I am excited to be able to spend some time with my family as well before I start making decisions on where to live. I am pretty open to move anywhere I want somewhere beautiful! I will miss Savannah dearly, but with saving money I will be able to visit more instead of constantly trying to work while at my out of town clinic site to pay for my appartment that I wont even be able to visit. and if its meant to come back to savannah then I will come back :) If anyone has any suggestions of places I NEED to visit please leave a comment I would love to know some beautiful places. I need to start doing some research!

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