Saturday, May 7, 2011

Updates and some DIY ideas!

So I have been so busy studying for my physics register and taking part in school activities. On thursday, I officially passed my physics registry and now I am a RDMS (Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer)! For school I just have to pass one more OB, but I am giving myself a month to relax because I stressed myself out so bad taking them back to back like that. Also I wanna congratulate some of my fellow classmates for graduating today!!! so excited for yal.
I am also excited cause next week I am going on a cruise for the 1st time to the Bahamas w/ Carvinal Cruise. I will be working alot this weekend. I work a double on bar today and its graduation and then I work a double on bar tomorrow and its mothers day so I hope bring in the money!
Hopefully I will be able to work in some painting and DIY crafts I been wanting so bad!

So heres some Ive been dying to try
3. DIY Earrings - Instructions via dismountcreative blog, these earrings are so awesome I can't to try and then develop my own style. They are made out of polyer clay. What endless possibilities!

2.Then a DIY geometric block necklace from the same site, dismountcreative,

3. Color block pouch via Just B, tutorial is located when you click the link. I have been obsessed with bright corals!. This is perfect!

4. Blueberry crisp! OMG it looks amazing I cant wait to try to make this when I get back from my cruise...YUM! recipe located on howsweeteats blog!

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