Tuesday, March 29, 2011


So here is a little update Ive been studying really hard for my first registry for sonography (ultrasound). I finally had to take in this morning and Ive been super nervous because I hate failing at anything. Well im happy to report I PASSED!! I was so relieved and excited, however its not over I have to take 2 more eventually, which are physics and OB/Gyn. Physics is the next one and ive not excited about this at all. Im am taking a break from studying and going to hopefully paint and do some DIY projects that I have found, which I will share when that all goes down..

BUT here some things that Ive recently found that I wanna share because they are great!

Can I please have this chair I need it soo badly! Pretty Amazing Im thinking of a way I can make this for my dream house when I get there! Image from papernstitchblog

Oh Radiohead I find way to love you more each day! I love this pic that I found Via freepeople

Dinner in the sky found via A cup of jo...yep pretty much a great idea its officially apart of my "things that I have to do list"! Here the official website dinnerinthesky

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