Monday, March 21, 2011

Oh for the love of St Pattys

So this past week was St pattys and my spring break. Ive lived in Savannah now for a while now and Ive only participated in St pattys one time before, but never have been to the parade (when ive been of age I went once when I was like 18 or 19), . Well this year I finally got there in time for the paradebut needless to say I really didnt even watch it but had a blast! I went out with some people that I work with and some of their friends! I met alot of cool people....Heres some fun photos from St Pattys! We were out from like 9am to 10pm on thursday!

So I tie dyed my dress for the parade say (which ive done before) I love tie dying and I have a whole draw specifically for tie dye (I know its ridiculous) however I think it turned out cute!
Heres a better pic of my st pattys fedora hat

Me and Helen - I love her!


The second day some of my outta town friends (old roomates) came into town for st pattys weekend. So I hung out with them some and we had a good time.

Heres a pic of me and my friend brittany. shes an old roomate who now lives in Tampa FL. It was sooo good to hang out with her! It was also good to see the others as well.

There was a good band out in city market that we watched. I think they were called U-Phonick. The first song they started with was Weezer - Say it aint so (big plus love that song) they did pretty good too heres a clip. I will go ahead and warn you tho there was a tall guy in front and I was having a hard time dodging him also I got kinda shakey with the camera at my favorite part! oh well it works

How cute is the kid with his green mohawk and kilt! Love it. He started dancing in the street and it was too cute!

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