Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Okay so I finally decided its time to get a blog. I have been putting it off because I didnt think I would have the time or patience. However, its a new year and I wanna attempt to try! So this is my first post!

Goals for the new year.

1. Be healthy and maintain a balance in my life. Trying to deal with school and work can be overwelming at times, however I really want to focus on balance. I wanna maintain a more healthy lifestyle than the last year.

2. Learn how to sew! Im so excited for christmas the lovely santa got me a sewing machine. I havent actually gotten it yet but Im still so excited its a BERNETTE 46. Its so lovely and perfect and I cant wait to learn!

Image obtained from :http://http://www.berninausablog.com/read/retro-bernette-46

3. Be a better person. I have come to realize I struggle with keeping patience especially with people, but also with tasks, school, work and etc. I am going to try and work on this.

4. I wanna sign up and actually participate in a run. I am not actually sure which one yet, but I will figure it out. However first I need to keep practicing!

these are just a few goals that I can think of at the moment ...

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