Saturday, January 15, 2011

My Top albums of 2010

So I love music. This past year Ive really expanded in what type of music I listen to. I think what makes a great album is when you can pretty much listen to the whole album without skipping over any songs and have it on repeat. So heres my top albums from this past year and they are in no particular order.

The Black Keys - Brothers
I love the black keys I also love their previous albums too!

Arcade Fire - Suburbs
I actually found this band this year they had previous albums before, but I really grew to love them thru their suburbs album. Such an amazing album I wanna see this band in concert so bad.

Mumford and Sons - Sign no More
Ive always hated country music, however I have found thru this band I love folk music. Listening to this album just makes me soo happy. I honestly wanna learn how to play a banjo or a fiddle. Also another band Im dying to see in concert.

Local Natives- Gorilla Manor
Ugh I can't tell you enough how great this album is! I cant wait for them to come out with a new one. I had the privilege of seeing them in concert and let me tell you they harmonize just as good in concert! They are pure amazing :)

Kings of Leon- Come around Sundown
Yep they are just all around great. I love this album.
Broken Bells - Broken Bells
I love to play this album in the car on repeat. I really love James Mercers voice something calming about it. I also like the Shins alot 2 tho.

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SO heres a Playlist of some of my fav songs off these albums for some it was hard to chose so I ended up putting 2 songs from each album on the playlist.

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