Friday, June 1, 2012


So today was a good day. I got my hair done this morning, which btw is so expensive! However, I love it. I use to dye my hair myself, but for this certain ombre style I would not attempt to do. I wish I had my beloved friend maggie here (who does my hair back home and is fabulous), but I don't so I had to settle for an expensive hair color!

So I want to share a little project I have been working on. This past Monday I took a sewing class FINALLY. Ive had a sewing machine for more than a year and I finally learned how to use it on Monday (I know its sad). However, now Im hooked. I am so excited to work on some different projects and get better. So on Monday I made 2 skirts that were orginally dresses (I want some skirts for Bonnaroo).

Lately I have been obsessed with Bandeau. They are cute for working out with a oversized shirt or wearing a high waisted skirt (which is my fav way). Instead of spending a ton of money on one I found a tutorial for a galaxy bandeau and DUH I had to try. Here is the amazing Galaxy Tutorial Youtube video . This video is great for beginners and for the advance sewers add your own touches to it. I added a few things in myself and tweaked it a little bit. My version of the back is different. I cut out 2 pieces the same length and attached to finished project to add some funkyness to the back. I also added some glow in the dark paint and glitter. I really liked how it turned out it might not be perfect, but its a start. Here is a pic of the first one I made (not using the youtube tutorial) I made it out of a old tankini swimsuit.

Next are some pics of the galaxy Bandeau. It was definitely a trial and error process for me, but I made it through!

This is actually the final piece. I added a little more color at the end so thats why these are brighter.

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